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USCA Relays Support for COOL to White House

USCA (March 9, 2015)- The United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) participated in a joint meeting with White House and U.S. Trade Representative officials today concerning the future of the country of origin labeling program. USCA was joined in the briefing by the National Farmers Union and Consumers Federation of America in addition to other rural and agriculture-based groups.


USCA remains committed to ensuring the validity and integrity of the COOL law remains intact; USCA President Danni Beer commented, "The U.S. ranks 4th in the world for beef exports and 1st for imports. COOL is a necessary tool for both consumers and producers to differentiate the multitude of products in the marketplace."


"Today's global marketplace has led to the rise of the informed consumer. Consumers want to know more about the origin of their food, not less. COOL provides consumers a choice at the grocery store and the ability for the U.S. cattle producer to differentiate their product."


A recent Auburn University study noted the economic factors driving COOL. The study discounted the points continuously made by Canada and Mexico in their claims that COOL has directly impacted their ability to market and sell their beef products in the U.S. Beer stated, "The study clearly shows that COOL is not a catalyst for any economic downturn in Canada or Mexico-origin meat products. We discussed this study with the administration officials today and will continue to urge that best available science and figures be used in this conversation as it moves forward.


"As we await further action at the WTO, we will continue to work with both Congress and the administration to maintain the COOL law and its ability to provide information to today's consumer."

Editor's Note: This article is from U.S. Cattlemen's Association.