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COOL Reform Coalition Statement on Senators Stabenow-Hoeven COOL Legislation

Washington, DC (July 23, 2015)—While we are encouraged that more Senators are recognizing the economic importance of finding a solution to this impending crisis, the Stabenow-Hoeven approach unfortunately fails to guarantee that the threat of retaliation by Mexico and Canada will be removed.


Retaliation by Mexico and Canada, our two largest export markets, would do irreparable harm to the manufacturing and agriculture economies and cost thousands of U.S. jobs. Any legislative solution must prevent retaliation. The COOL Reform Coalition was fully supportive of the bipartisan legislation that passed the House of Representatives in June because it would do just that, and we are encouraged that this solution will be considered by the Senate.


The United States is out of options, and we now face retaliation and a serious blow to our economy. We urge the Senate not to pursue alternatives that fail to provide a clear path to resolving this dispute but to focus on the clear solution at hand. Thousands of American jobs are at risk.

Editor's Note: This article was provided by the COOL Reform Coalition..